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Our vision: A sustainable environment for current and future generations by supplying the circular economy with quality materials
Our mission: Sourcing quality materials from commercial businesses within South East England, working on achieving recycling
We are a licensed waste carrier and approved recycler, registered with the Environment Agency
We manage your recycling needs (for paper, cardboard and polythene) and our sister company, CS Shredding, collects confidential waste
Adding quality to every part of work that we do
Making every customer’s experience bespoke, using our industry knowledge

COVID-19 update: CS Recycling has been given the go ahead by the Government to continue operation through the lock down.

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Message to our customers: Please continue to request jobs as usual and let us know if you are closing down temporarily due to COVID-19.

CS Recycling is a local recycling company which has been providing cardboard, paper and polythene recycling services to commercial businesses across the South East (including London, Hertfordshire and the home counties) for 80 years. This 2 minute video gives a brief introduction into our history and the services we offer. Narrated by our Managing Director, Craig Curtis.

Recycling services in the UK have a variety of potentials. When you are looking for a recycling solution, as a commercial business, it can be more financially beneficial to use a private recycling contractor in addition to the council run recycling options available. Here at CS Recycling, we have the customer at the center of operation and we offer competitive prices to work towards our vision. Our vision is a sustainable environment for current and future generations through supplying the circular economy with quality materials. We are working towards our vision by working with local commercial businesses within South East England to achieve their recycling targets.

A brief overview of our process

We have our own process for onboarding new customers for our recycling services, and these all start with a recycling audit. We then retain 95% of our customers, and this is due to our consistent recycling services and our dedication to improving recycling levels within individual organisations.

The recycling audit

Commercial recycling services should be tailored to the individual company who are contracting it, as not every company has the same requirements. Especially looking at industrial recycling, the types of recycling required from company to company changes drastically depending on their suppliers.

Consistent recycling services

As we have our own fleet of vehicles that are used for the recycling collections, we are able to offer a consistent service with our friendly team of drivers. Using our bespoke job management system, we ensure that we communicate with our customers to give them peace of mind.

Improving recycling levels

We work with organisations to consider and choose the best recycling solutions, then oversee the environmental benefits of those solutions by offering Recycling Certificates (by recycling type), which are produced at the beginning of every year. These certificates give our customers their current recycling levels, and they then set their target for the next year.

Further information available

Our team have a substantial amount of experience and knowledge, and we have tried to include as much of this as we can within our website. However, any further questions can be asked through our enquiry form. If there's more information you would like to be readily available on our website, please email

Required accreditation

We are licensed waste carriers and approved recyclers, registered with the Environment Agency. All accreditation, insurance and certification documents are available within the resources page. This page is updated on a regular basis.

News, knowledge and updates

Our blog has been designed to provide recycling facts, relevant information and updates from our company. All available to read through, here.

Other services we offer

In addition to the commercial recycling services that we offer, we have a data destruction service we can offer through our commercial shredding sister company, CS Shredding. Available throughout Hertfordshire, London, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we are able to offer competitive rates and a further discount (-10%) for any of our customers.

Our Services

We recycle Paper across the South East

Paper Collections

Even with the ever-growing increase of paperless offices, paper is still used. So, it’s extremely important to continue recycling paper...

We recycle Cardboard across the South East

Cardboard Collections

Cardboard is used worldwide, to protect all kinds of goods in transit both to the UK and within the UK on it’s journey to store shelves, and then...

We recycle Plastic across the South East

Polythene Collections

Polythene plastic “LDPE” is commonly used for shrink-wrap packaging, to keep goods on pallets and to keep goods dry. LDPE is non-biodegradable...

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