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Deposits for Glass & Plastic Bottles Ignites Debate

Jun 11, 2014

Should the UK reintroduce deposits on glass bottles and go a step further to include deposits on plastic bottles and cans?

Currently there is a campaign running in the Netherlands to maintain the refundable deposit on glass bottles and even expanding this to include plastic and cans.

Known as one of the fore runners and core recycling countries in Europe, the Dutch Parliament is currently discussing a move to abolish it.

Scandinavian countries have refundable deposits on cans, Belgium on large plastic bottles and in Germany on both cans and plastic bottles.

Plastic waste remains a large problem for Europe and beyond.

More plastic bottles than fish!

It was reported last month, following research carried out by the University of Vienna that certain areas of the EU’s longest river the Danube had areas where there was more plastic bottles than fish. A problem repeated throughout the EU.

Bring deposits for plastic and glass to the UK

The UK would benefit from taking these measures. As evidence also shows in the USA, it could provide a little pocket money for those willing to pick up discarded glass or plastic bottles and return them. 

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