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Plastic Packaging Recycling for Businesses

Jul 07, 2015

Compared with other waste streams such as paper, cardboard or metals, the rate of plastics recovered for recycling is very low. It is estimated only around 8 % is recycled resulting in 92 % of all plastic waste heading to landfill.

Most companies & businesses receive goods or send out goods on pallets covered in LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) more commonly known as ‘cling film’, ‘pallet wrap’ or ‘shrink wrap’ plastic. It is the most common type of plastic used by UK manufacturers.

This type of plastic, like all others take many years to decompose in landfill sites when in fact it is widely recycled and CS Recycling can help advise you how best to do this.

LDPE is typically recycled into new plastic products such as dust and compost bins, bin liners, furniture and floor tiles to name a few.

In the trade it is graded by quality based on the percentage of colour and clarity once compacted into a bale. Grades range from 98-2 / 95.5 / 90.10 down to low quality grades often referred to as ‘Jazz’ and ‘Construction Film’. So 98-2 = 98 % clear and 2 % colour.

At CS Recycling we have many years of experience in helping companies recycle their LDPE.

Although some plastic is recovered through DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling) we believe to avoid cross contamination and to maximise your recycling it is best to separate and bale.

The most cost effective and simple way to collect this material is to compact / press it into a baling machine. There is a huge number of baling machine manufacturers providing small machines producing 50 KG bale weights up to mill size ones making 500 KG bales.

At CS Recycling we can independently and without bias recommend the best one for your business by means of a free site survey. Whatever type you are, be it warehouse distribution, manufacturer or cash & carry, the same solution applies.

By baling the plastic it reduces the number of bins, skips and frequency of collection as unprocessed it is a bulky material. It also gives the bales a potential value, subject to quality and the amount of volume that can be collected per visit.

We can also accept PP (Polypropylene) bulk bags, also referred to as ‘One Tonne Bags’ or ‘Builders Bags’, providing it is baled separately.

Method of collection can either be by a weekly dustcart collection or scheduled / requested curtain side lorry, or for assisted loading our Moffett Service.

Plastic packaging can be recycled six or more times before its properties are weakened.

At the end of its’s life plastic packaging can be submitted to energy from waste schemes due to its high calorific value.

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