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Interesting recycling facts for home-work

Aug 13, 2015

What is recycling?

Recycling is when we re-use products, packaging and food that we no longer need. It is then turned into something new or recycled into energy.

The reason why we recycle is to reduce our use of new raw materials, which cost a lot of money to produce. By recycling our waste we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint, as we use less energy and raw materials to produce more products.

What can we recycle?

Most things can be recycled and as populations increase we will have to recycle more things. The best place to start is in the home; all councils in the UK now recycle and provide a different bin for you to separate your waste. It is very important we don’t mix it all together as this contaminates the waste and makes it harder to separate and reuse.

These are few examples;

Cardboard, Cooking Oil, Earth and Rubble, Electrical Appliances and Electronic Products, Food & Beverage Cartons, Food & Drinks Cans and Aerosols, Aluminum foil and trays, Garden Waste, Glass Bottles & Jars, Batteries, Mobile Phones, Paper, Plastic Bottles, Scrap Metal, Textiles, Tyres and Wood.

Where can you take your recycling?

The majority of waste for recycling is collected by council’s through dustcart collection and recycling Centre’s, which then send it to companies that process and grade the waste into different types ready for recycling. There are also recycling points that you can take things like clothes, glass and paper.

Businesses also produce lots of waste and this is mostly collected by companies who specialise in recycling certain things like, scrap metals, paper & cardboard, food, plastics and glass. They also may pay you for the waste as things like copper has a high value.

Recycling Facts

In the UK we produce 30 millions tonnes of waste each year.

Within 2 hours of reading this, the UK will have produced enough waste to fill the Albert Hall.

By recycling one bottle, you will save enough energy to power your play station for 5 hours.

We use 5 Billion drinks cans each year, which equates to over 73 million tonnes of aluminium.

Over 13 billion plastic bags are used in the UK each year.

We will throw away our own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks.

Up to 80% of the contents of our dustbins can be recycled.

Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands recycle over 60% of their waste.

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