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The 5 most important things you should recycle

Oct 16, 2015


These days most people realize that out of date and used computers will not go to landfill. But did you know there are lots of companies willing to take them off your hands, along with people willing to refurbish them for people who cannot afford to buy new.

One such service provider is PCD Computer Recycling their website is Not only will they collect for free, they will also provide you with free certification stating the data has been wiped and the environmental disposal of any hardware. At the other end of the spectrum you have computer companies like Dell offering customers old for new recycling when purchasing new computers, along with printer cartridges and laptop batteries.

In the UK we recycle over 250,000 tonnes of drink cans a year to the value of £27 million pounds. That would be the equivalent to 35,700 adult elephants. The best thing about recycling cans is they are 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again and use 95% less energy than manufacturing new ones.

HDPE & PET Plastic Bottles
We must ask ourselves why in the UK we consume more than 3 billion litres of bottled water for something that comes out of your tap at a fraction of the cost, at a price 500 times more expensive than tap water. Even worse still we send 5 billion bottles to landfill every year. The problem is that plastic is heavily linked to oil prices, as the cost of oil falls so does the price paid for virgin polymers. The knock on effect is that the price and demand for recycled plastic bottles also drops making it more difficult to recycle .

Glass containers and Bottles
Recycling just one glass container would save enough energy to light a 100w bulb for four hours. It will also reduce water pollution by 50%. With this in mind do you remember when you got a few pence for bringing back your old bottles. That was in 1971 when Schweppes and other companies stared to reuse the same bottles they manufactured and in 1977 we saw the first bottle banks in the UK.

Cardboard, Paper and Magazines
This is one of the easiest materials to recycle, being very closely related to the environment, nearly all paper and cardboard comes from tree pulp. Recycling this material saves 60 percent of energy compared to virgin paper and has 95% less pollution. In the USA they throw away enough paper make a wall nearly 3.6 metres or in old money 12 feet high that would stretch from New York to California.

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