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40 Yard Roll on Roll off Cardboard and Paper Recycling Collections

Oct 28, 2014

40 Yard Roll on Roll off Cardboard and Paper Recycling Collections

Known by a couple of names, such as 40 yard roll off to RoRo skips and containers these commercial recycling bins are one of the best ways of collecting large volumes of paper and cardboard for recycling.

Weights and collections
The maximum weight for our open top RoRo collections is 10 tonnes. This is not a problem when packing with Cardboard, as a well packed container can reach a capacity of around 4 tonnes. With paper it is possible to exceed 10 tonnes if packed with flat sheets or palletised paper.

Cardboard Minimum collection 2 tonnes plus

Paper Minimum collection 4 tonnes plus

Due to the size and weight of these bins there are a number of things to consider before ordering a delivery.

Width: 2.4m Length: 6.1m Height: 2.51m

Exchanges and pick-ups
Whether a one off pickup or a regular exchange it is important to get a feel for the size of area the collection vehicle and container requires. When dismounting and mounting a container you will need a width of at least 3.5m and a length of 15m, this is assuming that you can reverse straight onto the container. If the container is positioned in the corner of a car park or yard you will have to allow an extra 5m to enable the vehicle to swing into position.
RoRo bins can be located inside a building / undercover subject to site survey.

Diagram (Based on 40 yard container)

1. Ideal area size for exchanging RoRo container
2. Straight backup
3. Container door aperture
(Tighter spaces can be achieved. Subject to site survey)

Operating area
Although the container can be filled from the top and the material pushed down by an excavator or similar machine, most customers will fill through the door which opens fully back on itself. Again an area in front and to the side of the container must be at least 3m (in front and to the side of the door opening).

Filling a RoRo
In order to obtain the best deal for your recycled cardboard or paper, the bin must be filled in the most efficient way. You can either compact the material or flat pack it. To achieve 4 tonne of cardboard per container a stepped approach is best, flat pack the cardboard about 1.5m in depth at the back of the container and about 3m high and work your way out of the container while building steps.

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