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Recycling collections for North London

Jun 06, 2015

Covering North London and the Home Counties of; Middlesex, Herts, Beds, Bucks and Essex. CS recycling is the right choice for your plastic, paper and cardboard recycling collections.

Collection methods

Moffett mill size bale collections
For companies with their own baling equipment this is the most cost effective method of collection for particularly mill size bales of plastic, paper and cardboard. We do the loading with our own equipment for you. In this format, competitive rebates can be paid.

Hook lorry (40 yard open top RoRo)
Perfect for any type of business, the RoRo is a cost effective system for the removal of bulk cardboard and paper. Suitable for commercial and industrial customers who generate large volumes of cardboard and waste paper either regularly or as an one off collection.

Hook lorry (RoRo packer bin)
If you want your bulk cardboard and paper to go that extra mile and reduce bin movements then the packer bin system is the one for you, at least doubling the capacity of an open top RoRo bin.

Curtain side lorry (Palletized bales, paper collection, Cages)
The traditional collection method of baled cardboard, paper and plastic, as well as palletized paper, cardboard and loose paper in collection cages. This allows for a variety of waste streams to be collected in one go.

Dustcart Collection (Small bales 250kg max and loose waste)
A dustcart is a great way to make your waste cardboard and paper collection easier, quicker and more efficient. Small bales and loose cardboard (subject to volume)can be emptied straight into the back of our vehicle. No fuss and no mess.

Dustcart Collection (Wheelie bins)
Wheelie bins are a safe, convenient and clean way to store flat packed cardboard and loose paper. These bins can be easily moved around and are traditionally 1100 L in capacity, often referred to as Eurobins. These bins remain on your premises.

Dustcart Collection REL’s (Rear End Loading skips)
Similar to the wheelie bins this is a dustcart collection for flat packed cardboard only. The advantage of the REL skip is that it’s capacity is the equivalent to around 10 wheelie bins with only a single carpark space footprint. The REL skip remains on your premises.

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