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How to get free cardboard collections

Sep 23, 2015

As we all know nothing in life is for free and this also applies to cardboard waste collections. There are a number of ways you can get your cardboard collected for recycling.

  1. A chargeable collection
    This is usually the case when your cardboard waste is of a small quantity. The reason being that the cost of the transport and the recycling of the material will heavily outweigh the value to the recycler after processing and transportation. In this situation pooling material with neighbours can lead to free collections. Therefore minimizing your commercial waste costs.
  2. You get it collected for free
    The current situation for most of our clients and one we always try to achieve for new customers. However there are a number of factors that must be met such as minimum quantity i.e. weight per collection and location (distance) of the material to our depot. Another factor to take into consideration is that cardboard is a commodity product which fluctuates in value that we receive once processed and shipped. Finally how the cardboard is presented for collection also has an influence, for example between loose cardboard in a bin, medium or small bales which are collected on a round by a dustcart, or dedicated collections by a curtain sided tail lift vehicle, or RoRo bin service.
  3. You get paid for your cardboard
    Ultimate scenario for any client is to have enough cardboard to be paid for it, or the industry term used is rebated. This tends to be in sectors like; Distribution Hubs, Warehouses, Shopping Centres, Manufacturing Companies and Cash and Carry outlets.

There is also a fourth option, we do accept material delivered in which includes cardboard, for smaller quantities ( minimum 500 KG) from local businesses. We generally recommend coming in on a Saturday between 8 AM – 13.00 PM.

We can offer competitive rebate rates for larger quantities of baled material delivered in. We strongly recommend you contact us first before making your delivery.

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