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Potters Bar District Football Club scored success

May 11, 2017

Our local under-11 football team scored success at the 43rd PwC Jersey Primary Football Festival in April.

The story:

Potters Bar District Football Club Under-11s attended the 43rd PwC Jersey Primary Football Festival representing the area in an 18-team tournament; containing teams from Jersey, Gloucester, Plymouth, St Albans and others.

In order to make sure that Potters Bar District Football Club Under-11s were able to participate, CS Recycling provided funds that ensured they could afford the flight over to Jersey – they also got some great CS Recycling hoodies!

Although the tournament was the main focus of the trip, the players were also given the opportunity to go on outings and activities in the afternoon after the morning games. The idea of this was to build their confidence and give them opportunities to forge new connections and make new friendships with other teams.

The team said that it had provided them with “lifelong memories” and thanked the “teams, players, supporters, officials and staff for making it a memorable week”.

Our comments:

Our Managing Director, Craig Curtis, said: “Everyone at CS Recycling was proud that Potters Bar was being represented by the fantastic young players of Potters Bar District Football Club Under-11s, at this prestigious tournament in Jersey.”

“We were delighted to help the team out to ensure they looked fantastic in new kit when representing themselves, the club and the town and I know they were an absolute credit to all of those.”

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