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Waste Management for England 2015 report summary and comments

Oct 31, 2016

Source: EA, Waste management 2015 in England report summary

Proceeding the release of the annual waste management report for England, by the Environment Agency, we have noticed some significant trends among waste management.

CS Recycling summary:

  • Increased use of landfill across the UK, with East and South-East England at the highest and second highest users
  • Decreasing number of landfill sites in England
  • Decreasing capacity of landfill space in England
  • Landfill still substantially lower compared to 2008 and earlier
  • East and South East also 2nd and 3rd highest contributors to treatment inputs (excluding metal recycling)

Expert comments:

Our Director, John Curtis, says: “We are happy to see the national upward trend in waste material treatment across England, and especially the substantial contribution from East and South-East England. We recognise that our country is continually using up landfill space and we will continue to promote recycling in hopes to boost the circular economy”

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