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Elmo’s story

Jun 01, 2017

CS Shredding Manager, Simon Cassar, will be riding in a London to Cambridge bike ride to help raise funds for his nephew.

Elmo’s story

Elliott, known as Elmo, was born six weeks prematurely and initially appeared perfectly healthy. However, due to his blood sugars falling dangerously low in the hours after birth, he suffered a brain injury. He spent the first month of his life in intensive care, and due to his poor muscle tone, he subsequently spent many months in and out of intensive care having to be ventilated due to severe respiratory infections. Many times, in his first year, it seemed like he would not survive, but he has fought to make it through to his first birthday. However, he now suffers from cortical visual impairment, delayed development and has very low muscle tone.

Although there is no cure for the brain injury, there are treatments and therapies that will help Elmo. In time, some of these may help him gain independence but due to limited funds, the NHS cannot provide all of the therapies needed to aid his development.

Uncle Simon is part of a team effort looking to raise money to help provide Elmo with this support.

Simon said: “My nephew Elliott is a little treasure and an absolute fighter. Many of us are looking to raise money for him and so far over £57,000 has been raised towards a target of £80,000.

“I like cycling and I did the London to Cambridge ride last year for fun. But this year I have a really good reason to do it, and I am hoping to raise £1,000 to add to the total for my nephew.”

Simon will be cycling the 60-mile journey on 22 July and will be riding it with a friend, and will be tackling Tough Mudder on 16 September with team, both in a bid to add to the total raised for his nephew.

More information about Elmo and how to donate:

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