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China's National Sword

Mar 17, 2017

Photography copyright: Overflo

As international suppliers of recyclates, CS Recycling see the significance of the new National Sword regulations that have been recently announced. This shows, now more than ever, the importance of the Quality First program led by The UK Recycling Association. It’s a call to action for all participants of the recycling supply chain; from packaging designers to manufacturers to reprocessors such as ourselves.

CS Recycling Summary:

  • Chinese National Sword has been put in place to combat the rising amounts of excessive moisture on recycling imports (which leads to bacterial and fungal problems)
  • The Chinese National Sword programme is running from 1 March 2017 until 30 November 2017
  • All containers that are received by China will be thoroughly checked, where possible using x-ray machines

Expert comments:

Andre Helps, our Sales Representative: “It is expected to initially run for one year but more than likely it will become the new norm.” “It will become increasingly difficult to send recycled plastics to China other than the highest quality”.

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