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7 significant things that happened this #RecyclingWeek 2019

30 Sep, 2019

Day 1

Burger King Corporation's MELTDOWN!

Burger King have introduced a new different kind of recycling scheme where when you drop off a plastic toy, (and purchase a full-priced meal) you get a kids meal for free. Branding it the meltdown, on account of them melting down the plastic toys for recycling.

Day 2

UK Government recently announced the "Ayrton Fund" (amounting to a staggering £1bn) that will support British scientist in their pursuit for the research and development of technology to reduce emissions, in the poorest countries.

This fund is a representation of the positive forward steps our UK government are taking for climate change.

Day 3

Recently, Tesco have announced that they are standing with WRAP to fight for mandatory reporting on food waste from supermarkets. WRAP have been working towards this goal through their ‘Target, Measure, Act’ food waste reduction scheme, which is in line with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goal for food waste, is for all countries to halve their food waste at the retail and consumer levels, as well as reducing food loss during production and supply chains, by 2030.

Day 4

Butcher’s Dog Food, have reported that they will have saved 92 tonnes of plastic! Having made a simple change, replacing shrink wrap plastic packaging with cardboard on their multi-packs in November 2018.

Their ‘Plastic Pledge’ is to reduce the unrecyclable plastic on their dog food products in an effort to reduce their "PawPrint" on the world. Their aims going forward are ambitious, striving for 0% to landfill by 2020 and 100% recyclable packaging.

Day 5

The Coca-Cola Company are making changes to their plastic bottles made in Great Britain with new initiatives, including their move from their iconic green Sprite bottle to clear plastic and their pledge to manufacture their bottles with 50% of recycled plastic from next year.

Coca-Cola have said "these initiatives will ensure that more than 23,000 tonnes of virgin plastic will no longer be used by the business in Great Britain from 2020"

Day 6

The British Plastics Federation launched a sustainable design tool, "PackScore", to improve the recyclability of plastic packaging.

PackScore has been developed for use at the initial stages of the packaging design process, allowing brands, retailers and designers to assess their packaging and ensure maximum recyclability.

Day 7

CS Recycling have developed bespoke recycling solutions, by organisation type, which will better help companies hit their recycling targets.

Working with organisations big and small for over 80 years, CS Recycling have recognised that the right recycling solution can always be found, and it starts with a site audit, bookable via our enquiry form, and free of charge.

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