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Why Pringles hit the news

Jun 17, 2017

Photography copyright: ALAMY

The Recycling Association was recently asked by the BBC to identify products that are difficult to recycle. The Association highlighted the iconic Pringles container, which incorporates a mix of materials that are difficult to separate, and Lucozade Sport bottles, which have a branding jacket that is unrecyclable and difficult to remove from the bottle.

CS Recycling summary:

  • The Recycling Association highlighted the Pringles tube because it is made from a number of different materials, including a plastic lid, a foil top, a cardboard outer, a foil layer inside, and a metal bottom.
  • HRH The Prince of Wales joined forces with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation to launch a New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize.
  • This new initiative challenges designers to take a fresh look at plastic packaging, reducing difficult to recycle wrappers, straws and other elements and making it easier to reuse and recycle other plastics.

Expert comments:

Craig Curtis, Managing Director, has commented “At CS Recycling, we support campaigns like the one organised by The Recycling Association to highlight the importance of recyclable packaging designs. We know that branding is important to sales but design shouldn’t be at the expense of recyclability. When Pringles designed their tube, there wasn’t any thought given to the recyclability of the packaging or the problems that it gives recyclers to recycle it, however possibly up to 60% of what made up the tube at that time went to landfill anyway. By encouraging brands and recycling companies like ourselves to work together we can develop new, single material solutions wherever possible.”

CS Recycling has been providing recycling services from Hertfordshire for 80 years. Collecting recycling from commercial businesses, offices, printers, schools, hospitals and more. CS Recycling ensures the materials it collects are recycled sustainably and responsibly, thus avoiding the need to create new landfill sites in the South East of England.

Watch the BBC story:

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