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Landfill prices on the increase

Jul 18, 2017

SOURCE: WRAP Gate Fees Report 2017

It’s becoming more and more important to recycle… For financial reasons, if nothing else.

CS Recycling summary:

  • 2016 landfill costs per tonne have increased by £3 per tonne from the year before (on average across the UK)
  • London has the highest gate fee for non-hazardous landfill, at £32 per tonne (excl. tax)
  • 80% of local authorities responding believe that landfill gate fees will again increase over the next 12 months

Expert comments:

John Curtis, Director at CS Recycling, said “Where the total quantity of landfill space is reducing it was clear that the price of landfill will increase. Expectedly, we have seen an increase in the number of businesses interested in recycling, where it makes more financial sense. This increased interest in recycling is definitely a positive sign for the circular economy.”

WRAP Gate Fees report 2017:

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