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Choosing the Right Cardboard, Paper or Plastic Baler

Apr 17, 2014

Running a business generates recyclable waste that must be disposed of in the correct way.

Separating materials into bins is one method or alternatively you can compact your recyclables into a baler.

There are two basic types of balers, a vertical baler is sufficient in most cases or horizontal balers for very high volumes of material.

You will want to make sure to choose the right one for you based on the waste type and volume you will be handling Cardboard, Paper or Plastic.

Therefore, to consider which baler you wish to purchase or rent for your company, you need to keep the following things in mind.

1. How much waste in a week does my company produce?
2. What materials do I need to recycle?
3. How much space do I have available for the baler and bales?
4. Potential revenue, based on bale weight/ type and quantity required to be stored
5. Method of collection?

1. As a company it is important to consider growth, the baler you buy this year may not be right in a couple of years time as your business expands. Having an idea of what you will be producing in the future could help with the decision to rent or buy. When deciding on your baler it is a good rule of thumb to allow for a 25 percent growth in capacity.

2. The baling of products such as Shredded Paper, Cardboard or soft plastic waste a single ram bailer is usually sufficient. Whereas materials such as plastic bottles and Styrofoam which have low compressibility or high memory retention may require a two ram system.

3. As this is sometimes the deciding factor in your choice. It is always important to measure not only the foot print of the baler, but also the working space around it for loading the machine removing and storing the bales produced. With bales ranging from 25 KG up to 500 + KG depending on the machine you may need to consider the space for using and having a pump truck or forklift

4. Recycling companies are in a position to pay the company producing the bales revenue for the material, often referred to as a rebate. The amount of payment is dependent on market value, location, size and weight of bales and meeting minimum collection quantities.

5. Smaller bales and quantities can often be collected on a weekly basis in a dustcart, larger bales and quantities by curtain sided vehicles, some which can also include a Moffett forklift for self- loading by the collector.

At CS Recycling we partner with all the major baler manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

Therefore we can offer unbiased advice and recommendations before pointing you in the right direction. Naturally we would like to take care of your collections!

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