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As Recycling Industry experts for 80 years, CS Recycling are often asked questions on process, prices and more. Here are some of our frequently asked questions, but if there is anything that has been unanswered, please feel free to get in contact with us!

What makes CS Recycling unique?

  • We don’t hide fees/costs when arranging collections
  • We live by our vision, mission and values
  • Our Directors have the knowledge to add value to our customers’ needs and have an expansive network, giving us the ability to facilitate all waste management requirements
  • Our team are dedicated and loyal, showing a 95% retention in the first 5 years of employment

What happens if we put the wrong items in the recycling bin?

Depending on whether the item is another type of recycling or whether it is rubbish, it can have different effects on the recycling process from minimal impact to longer reprocessing times, to making the recycling, unrecyclable.

If, for example, clean paper is mixed with clean cardboard, the effect on the recycling process will be minimal and will only require sorting and can usually be organised at a recycling yard. However, for example, if the recycling is mixed with rubbish that leaves contamination, this means more steps need to be added to the recycling process, making the time it takes to get that recycling reprocessed significantly higher and can even leave the recycling, unrecyclable.

What happens if there’s contamination in my bin/skip?

As CS Recycling is a reliable and quality supplier of recyclable materials, it’s important that the materials we are collecting are not contaminated. We do not accept food contamination within our recycling collections, as it will damage the grade quality of the materials.

What does CS Recycling, recycle?

You can find out the different materials CS Recycling accepts by looking at our Paper, Cardboard and Plastic pages.

What can my company recycle?

CS Recycling offer to collect certain recycled materials within the categories of Paper, Cardboard and Polythene, which you will be able to identify on our services page. However, there is further recycling that your company can do within categories of food waste, plastics and more. Get in touch with CS Recycling through our enquiry form for advice.

Where does my recycling go?

Each type of recycled material (cardboard, paper and polythene) has a different destination.

  • Once we collect the material, it is stripped of any impurities
  • It’s separated into different grades
  • Baled into 1 tonne bales
  • Transported to separate mills (cardboard, paper and polythene)

CS Recycling are an international exporter, so send materials to both UK and international mills.

How much is cardboard worth?

The price of cardboard varies based on how much is demanded at any given time, and how much is available. A rebate can be issued to commercial organisations for high quantities of cardboard within CS Recycling’s catchment area. For accurate pricing, you can get in contact with the team through our enquiry form.

How much is paper worth?

Paper’s value varies significantly depending on its grade. CS Recycling work with offices, printers and news printers across the South East of England, collecting sorted office waste paper (SOW), best white (BW) and other grades of paper. For accurate pricing, you can get in contact with the team through our enquiry form.

How much is polythene worth?

Being an extremely recyclable product, the price for high quality LDPE, polythene, is significantly higher than other hard plastics. In high quantities, CS Recycling can offer to collect polythene and offer a rebate, depending on the quality and distance from our depot in Potters Bar. For accurate pricing, you can get in contact with the team through our enquiry form.

What should I consider when choosing a recycling management contractor?

All recycling management contractors, must have the following to operate legally:

  • Exemption Certificate
  • Liability Certificate of Insurance
  • Weighbridge Calibration Certificate
  • Waste Carriers Licence

CS Recycling have all of these, which you can review on our resources page.

How much notice do I need to give to arrange a request job?

Once you have been set up as a request customer, CS Recycling require at least 1 working week between when you request and when we collect. However, we are often able to organise the collection within a week.

What’s the process for delivering in?

If you are delivering recycling in to our Potters Bar yard within the opening times, our Weighbridge Officer will be available to:

  1. Weigh you in – taking note of your company name, registration and material grade. You will then tip off at the designated area within the yard for the material grade
  2. Weigh you out – taking note of the net kg quantity of materials. We can arrange for out of hours tipping for our regular customers.

What’s the latest time we can deliver in or organise collections from the yard?

Deliveries and collections can be organised within our opening times.

What are your opening times?

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday 8am – 2pm

Sunday Closed

What do we need to wear if we visit the yard?

As a requirement by our company health and safety policy, we ask all visitors to wear the following items when visiting our yard:

  • Hi-vis vest
  • Steel toe cap footwear

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