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Our recycling process

29 Oct, 2019


CS Recycling work to recycle waste cardboard, paper and plastic product from commercial businesses across South East England. Most of these materials are collected from CS Recycling’s commercial recycling customers and the rest is delivered by other recycling collectors and by businesses themselves.

CS Recycling only accept the best quality recycling, meaning the waste products must be free from any contamination of any kind. If there is any contamination, CS Recycling reserves the right to refuse any waste products that enter the facility or to charge a fee.

Once the material arrives at CS Recycling, it goes through the quality checking process, where diligent staff check and remove any remaining impurities. The products are then baled into 1-tonne bales which are then sent to recycling mills in the UK and around the world who use the recycling materials, the “recyclates”, in the manufacture of new products.

End users of the recycling products that CS Recycling deal with vary from time to time depending on demand within the recycling industry.

The main products the recycling is used to manufacture are:

Cardboard recycling

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes

Paper recycling

  • Recycled paper (copier paper)
  • Hygiene products (toilet and kitchen roll)
  • Newspaper and magazines

LDPE plastic recycling

  • Trays and general-purpose containers
  • Snap-on lids
  • Liquid packaging board
  • Plastic wraps

The main countries the recycling is sent to are:

  • China
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam

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Quality recycling services for a sustainable world

13 Sep, 2019

What does "Quality recycling services for a sustainable world" mean?

In short, it's our motto here at CS Recycling. But here's the full story...

Quality collections

CS Recycling only work with commercial business across South East England, who segregate their waste streams at source. And we only work with these customers because they quality control their waste from point 0. This ensures that the recycling collected finds its way to a recycling mill for reprocessing into a new product, cutting the need for raw materials instead of cutting down trees.

Our recycling services

CS Recycling are dedicated to working on the recycling services for commercial businesses, in order to make a more sustainable world. CS Recycling started as Chas Storer Ltd in 1937 and has expanded its service offerings and vision since. We now offer recycling services for cardboard, paper, polythene (LDPE), printers waste paper and more...

Our vision of a sustainable world

We initially worked on creating a link between businesses in the UK and recycling facilities in the UK, however as imports from China soared, we recognised that exporting packaging waste back to Asia and other continents around the world was the only way to ensure sustainability in the new globalised world. We recognised that we were importing goods in packaging, and that packaging should be exported back to countries around the world. Now we process 2000 tonnes a week of packaging materials, which are segregated at source by our 1000 customers across South East England.

If you want to be one of our valued customers, enquire now!

Our Managing Director elected President of the Recycling Association

04 Jul, 2019

Our Managing Director, Craig Curtis, has recently been elected as President of The Recycling Association in the UK. Having been a member of the board for around 5 years, and working instrumentally within the trade organisation to advise on campaigns and consultation documents, Craig is "honoured" to have been elected as the successor of Adrian Jackson, who stepped down earlier this year.

The Recycling Association is a trade body that works with stakeholders across the country, supporting better UK recycling through lobbying for improved legislation, policy and operation; working towards increased clarity and awareness within the country and improving the provision of best practice within the industry.

Craig Curtis commented “I am honoured to be given this opportunity to take on the presidency of the Recycling Association, I have seen so much development in the recycling industry over the past 40 years I have been in the industry. I cannot wait to get started in this new position alongside my role as managing director at CS Recycling.”

Craig was recently featured within the Recycling Magazine by Let's Recycle, which features an interview of his position as Managing Director of CS Recycling and his first "President's View" article which will feature recurrently in the magazine.

Proudly sponsoring IH Awards 2019

16 Nov, 2018

For another year, CS Recycling are sponsoring the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards. We are sponsoring the Green Award, a great award that will recognise businesses that have worked on projects towards the environment, community and people.

Last year, we had a lot of great entrants and a very deserved winner, Green Building Design. It was amazing to see the level of interest in the environment, so many businesses had. Very much looking forward to seeing the caliber of entrants for 2019!

Why enter?

  • The Green Award is perfect for a company that has green values
  • It gives you the platform to shout about your successes in environmental projects
  • A great way to showcase the work you have done, and tell your customers about what you have been working on as a company

Enquire with CS Recycling to see if we can help you hit your environmental recycling targets here.

How CS Recycling works

12 Nov, 2018

As advocates for segregated recycling, we've put together a video taking you through a day in the life of CS Recycling.

Hidden away in the Hertfordshire countryside, we work with commercial businesses across South East England. This keeps our carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of our customers, very small.

Have a look at our services or fill in our enquiry form if you're interested in finding out about how we can help you!

GDPR Compliance

25 May, 2018

CS Recycling have uploaded a new Privacy Notice and Data Retention and Destruction Policy in compliance with GDPR. This covers data that is stored on: 

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CS Recycling finalists for Paper Recycling Business of the Year

19 Apr, 2018

Copyright: Lets Recycle

CS Recycling are overjoyed to announce being shortlisted, alongside two other UK recycling businesses, as Paper Recycling Business of the Year at the Awards for Excellence.

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We've turned 80 years old!

14 Nov, 2017

CS Recycling Team

CS Recycling has been celebrating its birthday recently.

About our company:

Our company was founded 80 years ago, as Chas Storer Ltd, and now trades as CS Recycling. We still collect paper and cardboard from businesses and organisations just like in 1937, but now we work across the entirety of South East of England. In recent years, we have also started collecting polythene plastics for recycling.

Why we're proud:

We're proud that we have been a family business and family run for the entirety of our establishment. With the 5th Generation of the Curtis family working in the business, we like to think it's a family business success story.

Our Managing Director, Craig Curtis, is renowned in the recycling industry and sits as a board member of The Recycling Association trade body.

This year alone we have been extremely active in our community, supporting up-and-coming local businesses through the Hertfordshire Business Awards 2017, and sponsoring Potters Bar District Under 11s.

We are looking forward to the future of CS Recycling - providing an increasingly efficient and reliable service and working more and more with our community.

Comments from our Managing Director, Craig Curtis:

“People may think that recycling is an activity that we have only been doing in recent years, but we have been doing it for 80 years now.

“It’s been an exciting past couple of years. Last year we celebrated our 50th anniversary at our Potters Bar site, and this year we are celebrating our 80th Birthday.”

“As a proud local resident and owner of a local business, I want to ensure that we continue to work with local companies and our councils to recycle even more than before. Otherwise, we end up throwing away valuable materials that end up in landfill or energy from waste plants. It is much better for the environment in Hertfordshire if we recycle materials and give them a new life as a new product.”

Elmo’s story

01 Jun, 2017

CS Shredding Manager, Simon Cassar, will be riding in a London to Cambridge bike ride to help raise funds for his nephew.

Elmo’s story

Elliott, known as Elmo, was born six weeks prematurely and initially appeared perfectly healthy. However, due to his blood sugars falling dangerously low in the hours after birth, he suffered a brain injury. He spent the first month of his life in intensive care, and due to his poor muscle tone, he subsequently spent many months in and out of intensive care having to be ventilated due to severe respiratory infections. Many times, in his first year, it seemed like he would not survive, but he has fought to make it through to his first birthday. However, he now suffers from cortical visual impairment, delayed development and has very low muscle tone.

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Potters Bar District Football Club scored success

11 May, 2017

Our local under-11 football team scored success at the 43rd PwC Jersey Primary Football Festival in April.

The story:

Potters Bar District Football Club Under-11s attended the 43rd PwC Jersey Primary Football Festival representing the area in an 18-team tournament; containing teams from Jersey, Gloucester, Plymouth, St Albans and others.

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Walking Floor Trailer collections

27 Jun, 2016

Walking Floor Trailers

Aimed at large Warehouses, Distribution Centres and Waste Transfer Stations there is a way to maximise the rebated value of your baled cardboard, paper and LDPE (polythene) plastic.

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Watford cardboard recycling collections

23 Mar, 2016

Covering the Northern Home Counties of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, CS Recycling has the perfect collection solution for your companies recycling needs.

Whether recycling paper, cardboard or plastic. We have a fleet of vehicles ranging from our Roll On Roll Off Service for open top containers or packer bins, Dustcarts and Self Load Moffett lorries to Curtain Siders and smaller tail lift vehicles, tailor made services to help make it easy for types of business to recycle their waste.

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Is the weight of your recycling accurate?

11 Nov, 2015

Weight is a key factor in many business sectors and the recycling industry is no exception.

In all commercial applications where products are sold by weight it is a legal requirement that weighing equipment must be verified as ‘legal for trade’ or ‘trade approved’.

This means that the equipment in our case ‘the weighbridge’ has undergone a stringent set of tests to ensure it is sufficiently accurate and fit for purpose.

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How to get free cardboard collections

23 Sep, 2015

As we all know nothing in life is for free and this also applies to cardboard waste collections. There are a number of ways you can get your cardboard collected for recycling.

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Recycling collections for North London

06 Jun, 2015

Covering North London and the Home Counties of; Middlesex, Herts, Beds, Bucks and Essex. CS recycling is the right choice for your plastic, paper and cardboard recycling collections.

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40 Yard Roll on Roll off Cardboard and Paper Recycling Collections

28 Oct, 2014

40 Yard Roll on Roll off Cardboard and Paper Recycling Collections

Known by a couple of names, such as 40 yard roll off to RoRo skips and containers these commercial recycling bins are one of the best ways of collecting large volumes of paper and cardboard for recycling.

Weights and collections
The maximum weight for our open top RoRo collections is 10 tonnes. This is not a problem when packing with Cardboard, as a well packed container can reach a capacity of around 4 tonnes. With paper it is possible to exceed 10 tonnes if packed with flat sheets or palletised paper.

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Extreme Ice Bucket Challenge CS Recycling Style

01 Sep, 2014

Extreme Ice Bucket Challenge

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CS Recycling are looking for 7.5 Tonne Lorry Drivers

30 Jun, 2014


CS Recycling are currently looking for a full time driver to work at their Potters Bar depot in Hertfordshire.

  • License to drive a 7.5 tonne lorry
  • Over 25 years of age and holding a UK driving license for 2 years
  • The candidate will be CRB checked.
  • Hours 6.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • Starting salary £400 per week

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Moffett Recycling Collections

29 Oct, 2013

CS Recycling's truck mounted forklift ensures FASTER, SAFER and more COST EFFECTIVE collections without disruption to your business.

Your Key Benefits

  • Self Loading to help free up your staff
  • Fully Qualified Drivers & Operators
  • Collection of bales without pallets
  • Regular pick-ups to help with your storage space
  • Competitive rates paid for wire tied mill size bales
  • Average 30 bale load capacity
  • No disruption to your business

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